The Foundation


Adrienne Gause, Office Manager
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Adrienne Gause joined the Foundation staff in July of 2013. She has a long background working with local and international non-profits annual fundraising campaigns, advertising, and project management. Adrienne joined the Foundation as an intern from Sonoma State University in the spring of 2013 and helped shape the first administrative internship. She completed our Laguna Guides training in 2013. Adrienne holds a Bachelors of Arts from Sonoma State University in Environmental Studies: Restoration and Conservation with an emphasis in Social Sciences.

Nancy Hauptmann, Administrative Assistant
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Nancy joined the Foundation staff in September 2009. She holds a bachelors degree in secondary education mathematics and is retired from a 25 year career in Information Systems management and as a project leader.

Maggie Hart, Administrative Assistant

Bev Scottland, Director of Development
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Christine Fontaine, Director of Education Programs
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Chris has been striving to connect people to nature since 1995. She has a BA in Sociology with a minor in Physical Science from Sonoma State University and a Multiple-Subject elementary school teaching credential from Dominican University. In addition to working in the formal education field, she has a background in business administration, management, and environmental education, serving as a naturalist docent at Bouverie Preserve since 1996. Her work and volunteer experience naturally led to the non-profit field, serving as the Education Programs Coordinator for Point Reyes National Seashore Association, then as Point Reyes Field Seminars Director from 2001-07. In 2006 she began volunteering for the Laguna Foundation on the Education Program Committee and joined the staff in 2007.

Anita Smith, Public Education Coordinator and Heron Hall Manager
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Anita joined the staff in spring 2012. Born and raised in the Laguna watershed, Anita’s lifelong love of nature and passion for environmental education first connected her with the Laguna Foundation as a docent and volunteer. She was a naturalist for the Kern Environmental Education Program, studied wildlife in Alaska with the Fish and Wildlife Service, and developed many successful public education programs as Executive Director of the Environmental Resource Center in Ketchum, Idaho. With a Master’s in Ecological Design for Sustainable Communities, a Bachelor’s in International Environmental Studies, and years as an evaluator for science education programs, Anita brings a depth and breadth of cross-cultural experience working with non-profits, schools, foundations, businesses, and agencies at local, national, and international levels.

Wendy Trowbridge, Director of Restoration and Conservation Science Programs
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Brent Reed, Restoration Projects Supervisor
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Brent's first professional experience with ecological restoration in the Laguna watershed was working on the Kelly Farm Demonstration Wetlands in 1989, while on summer break from studies for a B.S. degree in Natural Resources Management at Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo.  After getting his degree, Brent moved back home to Sonoma County in 1995 and has been supervising, designing, and working in all facets of ecological restoration on projects throughout northern California as a former Restoration Specialist with Circuit Rider Productions and  independent contractor.  Before joining the Foundation in November of 2011, Brent was involved in multiple restoration projects and on-going vernal pool monitoring in the Laguna watershed, often in partnership with the Laguna Foundation.

Hattie Brown, Conservation Science Program Manager
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Aaron Nuñez, Restoration Technician II
Aaron discovered the Laguna Foundation through the restoration internship program while attending Sonoma State University. Subsequently following the end of his internship in spring 2012 he was offered a position as an Environmental Restoration Technician. Attaining a bachelors degree in Environmental Studies focusing on Conservation and Restoration as well as minor in Biology, combined with experience as a maintenance worker for agricultural research stations established by the University of California Agriculture and Natural Resources program, Aaron has been able to apply his education as well as work experience to help further the Laguna Foundation’s goals in establishing successful riparian restoration habitat throughout the Laguna de Santa Rosa.

Paul Weber, Restoration Technician
Paul’s first experience with the Laguna Foundation was through the restoration internship program where he quickly learned that the Laguna de Santa Rosa Watershed and its unique ecology was something that he wanted to be a part of. His internship lasted from the winter of 2013 until the summer of 2014. Subsequently Paul was offered a seasonal position as a restoration technician which he gladly accepted. Paul is now a recent graduate from Sonoma State University with a Bachelor’s of Arts degree in Environmental Studies and Planning with a concentration in Conservation and Restoration and a minor in Geography. Now that he works full-time for the Laguna Foundation, Paul is eager to dedicate his new career to the betterment of the Laguna Watershed and maintain the connections he has made within it.